Ross’s artistic heritage is expressed through her creativity and a personal language in paint that has evolved over time. Her response to her surroundings and the richness of the world is deeply intuitive. The artist’s narratives are woven and incorporated into her paintings. The context of the work is about memories and the ability to draw automatically and freely on images from the psyche that resonate enigmatically. The inspiration is to express from her immagination the light, forms, colour and recurring images which emerge into the work, with their qualities of light and darkness that are metaphors for human nature.

Ross’s language is visceral and poetic, a slow unfolding of the voice from within. Her philosophical approach to painting is in the painting processes; the materiality, the drawing, physical movements and spontaneity that bring a vision and emotional experience to life. Layers of meaning are embedded into the paint’s storytelling. Using an orbital sander creates erasure like a rubber, leaving a history of marks and surface texture. Ross’s techniques vary from brushwork, to pouring, splashing, smearing the paint directly from the tube, a printing roller, drawing and impasto. What emerges is an organic process that begins with an idea and evolves and manifests into a beautiful work of art!

Ceramic Sculpture
Oil Paintings